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Audi A3. Aftermarket Stereo System 2006 A3 Major Progress

I was going to wait until next month when this project is complete. But I am finding out a lot of important information so I will start this post at the beginning and not the end of my audio-overhaul.

<> Base speakers. WOOFER SIZE - As I believe Zakurie was trying to tell me a month ago, the size is 6.5". Yes, in the base stereo system. They are actually an oversized 6.5", if you can believe that! Looking at the grill, they appear to be 5 1/4". I am very impressed with the clarity and level of sound we get from these speakers, especially after discovering that they are share the same thickness as construction paper -which is very bad. It would be a VERY good upgrade if you swapped these cheap woofers with quality aftermarket speakers.

<> Base speakers. BAD NEWS - very very bad. The woofers are not just screwed into the door panels. They actually GLUED the surround of the woofer to the factory basket. This means I will have to destroy my factory speakers to install the new woofers. I have seen this in 911s and a 928. I have done some research on it, and apparently it's very common with most German cars. Ugh!

<> Door dampening. I ordered Dynomat for the car, but after taking apart the door, I will be returning it! This door has a complete door skin, it's almost like a Mercedes Benz. Nice work Audi!

<> Dash kit - Crutchfield has no idea an Audi A3 exists, as of 3:30pm, 8/11/05. I dropped off the factory face plate and the new DIN size head unit to a metal shop. They will do some custom work and machine a new face plate to match the chrome look on our dash and doors. I am thinking about having a few extra made for future fourum member's projects. What do you think?

<> Subwoofer - I don't want free standing sub, anywhere in the cargo area. This will make for a big project. I wanted to take out the spare and build a custom enclosure for the wheel well under the deck. I took it all out today and there isn't enough room due to a LARGE METAL welded piece. May take off the left wall of the trunk where the sub/sat box is, and do some discovery channel-style installation.

If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, or corrections, PLEASE respond asap. This is all going down, right now!

Yes, I plan on taking a few pictures of everything I tear apart.

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