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Audi A3. European Tail Lights with Amber Turn Signals

Why does the US A3 have red rear turn signals? Seriously, why? I don't care that they look red when off, but turn signals that flash red are dangerously ambiguous compared to the very unambiguous amber flash that is mandatory in the rest of the world. Why go through the effort and expense of making less safe & functional ones just for the US market? I knew that the lenses were a direct swap for the Euro-spec ones before I got the car, so I knew that I could fix the problem easily. The only difficult part was the cost - on a tight budget, I wasn't going to spend the money to buy a set of lenses that Audi should have put on the car to begin with.

On the other hand, no matter where you are in the world it seems like the grass is always greener elsewhere. There must be somebody in Europe who really wants 'US Style' rear lights on their A3, all I had to do was find that person.... I posted on a few German A3 forums, but got no serious takers. Finally a fellow member of the VWVortex/Fourtitiude A3 forum said that he wanted US taillamps with red signals on his A3 in Turkey. We agreed to a swap. I borrowed a set of US lenses from someone who had already done the upgrade, and with only a little bit of waiting and the cost of shipping, the exchange was made! My original taillight lenses now live in Turkey, and my car now has proper amber turn signals.

You can order these from several vendors in the US such as World Impex, or it may be cheaper actually to have them shipped over from VAGParts.

The part numbers you will need are:
8P4 945 096 C Left side
8P4 945 095 C Right side

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