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Audi A3. Footwell Lights Installed


Front Light: 8E0 947 101 (5 Watts) $27cdn found on the B7 A4

Rear Light: 8E0 947 415 (5 Watts) Updated with shield at the back. $27cdn

I will update the picture tonite.

Plug: 893 971 632

Driver Side:

Remove knee panel. First, remove the headlight switch. Turn the knob to the right between the 0 and Parking lights or Auto if you have the auto headlights feature. Pull out the switch using some force.

There will be 3 harness back there, unclip the two small rectangular harness using a Philips head. Then remove the long ones by unclip both sides with hand.

Now, remove the fuse panel on the side using Philips again.

There are 3 bolts holding the knee panel in place. Two at the bottom and one to the side.

Now you could slide the panel out toward you. (Four clip are holding at the top, see picture)

Electrical Connection:

Stick your head in there beside the brake paddle, look up, you will see a bunch of relays and harness.

Locate the Letter (B) in that bunch (This harness have 12 position).

Now remove by sliding the red clip to the passenger side, this will unlock the harness.

Push the tab in and release the harness. You need to find position # 7.

Connect a wire to it. This will be your positive (+) to the lights. For negative (-), just connect any ground you can find, I attached it below the fuse box.


Now you need to tell the car that you have footwell lights installed. Go to Group 09 Byte 00 Bit 2 to Position 1 (On). I heard from Watti that you can control the brightness in Group 09 Channel 005. After you have done the coding, close or open any door, the light that you just connect should come on. If it doesn’t, check your connection and try again.

For the passenger side and rear, you can wire your (+) to the (+) that you connected to the harness, just make sure you ground the other end.

Passenger Side:

Remove glovebox by unscrewing 8 bolts. (2 at the bottom, 5 at the top inside the glovebox and one at the side.) You will see there is a hole to hold the light.

Rear Seats:

There is a hole at the bottom of the seat to hold the light.

I just connect the wire using the centre console. Just make sure you have enough wires to hang out (but not visible) so that the seats can still move forward and backward.

For the ground, I use the metal for the armrest. Pull the rear ashtray upward, then remove the panel holding the power door lock switch.

There must be a better way to hide the wires, but since is not visible, I will leave it with that for now.

Any questions, feel free to email or IM me.

Have fun!

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