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Audi A3. A3 Rear Fog

Wanted to let everyone one know there is no wiring necessary or rear tailgate light changes in order to make the rear fog light functional.

I have 8 more switches do in later this next week with auto, front and rear fog and coming and leaving home switches.

You must code your 09 cent. elect. mod in 2 area to enable the rear fog.

Please email me or post you long code so I can let you know which sections should be changed. Posting up one code for all the cars will not work because as each car is coded differently for different options. You must change 2 different byte groups to enable rear fog.

On 09 Cent. Elect.

Counting from Byte 0 with on A3 is E1

3rd Byte over my code (80) Stock.. this must be changed to (82) to enable the drivers side inner tailgate light.

4th Byte over on my code (C0) Stock.. this must be changed to (80) the is to enable the rear foglight function.

Hopes this helps some of you.

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