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Audi A3. Dimming Mirror w/compass installed...

In my quest to have the ideal A3 for me, I have to add a few more items. The 1/2 trip computer is done, parts for the footwell lights on order, and now it's time to add a Gentex dimming mirror w/compass...

Well the part tested properly today, so now I just need to find a place to mount it. Any ideas? What pre-tel should they charge me, I was guessing $40 just to mount the mirror?
It's not a color match, but close enough. Cost me $170 shipped. This is the model with the compass built in (red)-

The person I got it from has a tan one, if anyones interested. Includes wiring/cover. Part # is 8E0 857 511 A E59 07S
It also says 4012 Kompass, whatever that means (something compass).

How-To is posted below in this thread-


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