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Audi A3. Chrome Detailing

For those with the love of chrome on their vehicles there is only one product I can recommend to treat your shiny chrome. The product is Wenol and you can find it at a find detailing store and also at any Mercedez Benz dealership.

With a soft cloth or pad, you apply Wenol (after you have washed and dried your vehicle first of all) and softly rub in a circular motion across all chrome... it is completely safe to rub deeply into your chrome. You can feel with your fingers if there is any overspray still on your chrome and if so, then keep rubbing until your chrome is smooth.

Now get a few soft cotton towels or Microfiber towels and rub the chrome to a crystal clear and rich shine. Turn your towels often so the excess Wemol will be removed. The more you remove, the better the deep luster of a shine you will have.

Wemol also works great on Chrome that also has vinyl or plastic decals over the chrome (such as Rear View Mirrors)... guaranteed to make all eyes turn as you pull the sun away from their dullness.

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