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Audi A3. ITray for IPod mod

As I do not smoke (gave up after trying it for 1 week in my teens), the Audi ashtray has been forgotten in my car. Today, I decided to make use of this abandoned piece by making it an ITray. Now onto the instructions

My IPod interface is made by Peripeheral that I rewired to make it work with the A3. The connector has these retention clips that secure it to the IPod. You will need to remove these clips using a cutting tool. I found using a finger nail clipper works well.

Use 180grit sand paper and sand carefully around the plastic connector. Also sand down the IPod adapter tray and the ash tray as well.

Cut a hole in the ash tray to allow your IPod cable to pass thru

Place your IPod in the tray and attach the connector. Use some epoxy (I used 1 minute epoxy as I'm very impatient), and carefully glue the connector to the adapter tray. Be sure that the epoxy does not leak in between the connector and the tray or your IPod will be stuck forever.

Once the epoxy sets, carefully glue the adapter plate into the ash tray.

Once the adapter plate is secure, throw on globs of Automotive body filler

Sand like a mo-fo and patch any imperfections

Sand again with 130 grit and once smooth, move to 300 grit

Mask the IPod connector and spray away

Apply a few light coats and then wetsand with 3000 grit. Dry and apply a light coat. Then install it!!!

I can say I am pleased with the results. As the IPod's screen is really clear, reading the songs that are playing are easy. Also, the view is clear with the Slush box in D/S/TIP but of course is blocked, but not hitting, when in R and P. The project took me about 6 hours to do so it can be a one day thing but the results are nice.


alappo said...

I'm thinking of trying this out myself, got the ashtray and the body filler but want to be able to dock either my ipod 160gb or iphone 4. Does the one you've made fit an iphone also? And did you use the white adapter specific to the ipod model you show at the end? Al

Александра Киселёва said...

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