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Audi A3. iPod Integration with the Dension ice

EDIT: My ice>Link:Plus developed some problems and was returned under warranty. It would display 'Track 99' and become unresponsive to control input, but the music played on.....

The vendor (Enfig) shipped me a DICE interface as a replacement. It installs the same way as the ice>Link, but has some operational improvements. A new article on the DICE has been posted. I'll leave this article here for reference on the ice>Link:Plus.

I'd been following the iPod connectivity debate for a while, and decided on the
Dension ice>Link:Plus Audi T2. It comes with either a cradle or just a cable, I opted for just the cable.

Here is a summary of the important points for this model:

  • It connects to the CD changer connector in the glovebox. You can have either the glovebox CD changer, or this, but not both.

  • If you have the in-dash CD changer, you can still use this. It connects specifically to the glovebox connector.

  • If you have a glovebox changer and a satellite receiver hooked up to the head unit, you're out of luck.

  • It makes the iPod appear to the head unit as if it were a CD changer.

  • The first five playlists on the iPod (alphabetically) are treated as 'discs' 1 through 5 of the virtual CD changer.

  • You select the iPod using the CD button on the head unit. If you have a disc in the head unit, press CD twice. The Display will indicate 'CDC' (CD Changer).

  • You switch from one 'disc' (playlist) to another using the buttons on the head unit.

  • You can switch from one track to the next using the left steering wheel roller, or the head unit.

  • You can fast-scan through the current track by pressing on the left steering wheel roller.

  • It will pick up where it left off if you switch to FM and back, or if you leave the car and return.

  • Current track name is displayed on the iPod display, but not in the same format as the standard iPod interface.

  • The head unit will show tracks 1-99. You can actually advance past track 99 if you have more tracks in the playlist than that, but the head unit won't display the track number properly.

  • The head unit does not show artist/track name.

  • Selecting 'disc' 6 makes a different menu appear on the iPod display, where you can select random play or select to use the iPod user interface. If you do that, you are prompted to disconnect/reconnect the iPod. Once you reconnect, you must use the iPod controls instead of the car controls, but you have full control over the iPod.

After using this for a couple of days, I've determined that 'Random' is absolutely the best thing for me. On the head unit, with the CDC (iPod) selected, press the 'Menu' button on the head unit and select your choice of Random (Disc) or Random (Changer). I have it randomly playing stuff from across all my playlists, and I never have to mess with the ice>Link or iPod random/shuffle features.

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