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European Tail Light Change Out


Thought I'd post a very quick how-to with images on changing the OEM US taillights to the European taillights. It's very easy to do.

The part numbers:
8P4 945 096 Rear Light LH Outer
8P4 945 095 Rear Light RH Outer

The basic info (taken from a post in

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First, take a look at the assembly--see the threaded shaft?? OK, now open the hatch and pop off the cover on the inside behind the taillight. The left side will come completely off; the right side also has the fuel cover release attached so it just hangs. Inside, you'll see a long "bolt" that's screwed onto the aforementioned shaft. There's a slot in the head--you can either use a screwdriver or pliers to loosen it and unscrew it. This should release the assembly. It just pivots off the body. Disconnect the wiring. Reverse the procedure to install--make sure that the 2 "bumps" on the front of the assembly go into the connectors on the body. Also be carefull to not drop the bolt when reattaching. If you're lucky, it'll fall into the spare tire well....

And the images [I know how you guys like large images ]:

The Cover inside the trunk behind the driver side taillight

With a rachet taking out the bolt

With the taillight off

Another view with the taillight off

With the taillight on

Another view with the taillight on

It's very easy to swap out!

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