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Audi A3. Jack Pads

Here is a DIY for installing jack pads, so that you can jack up your car without it falling and smashing your head.

The install requires two pieces, and you need four of each of them

The part numbers are:


Looks like this:

Part 1 slides into part 2 like this:

It will look like this:

On the front of the car, there is a plate filling in a hole. You will have to pull this out to expose the hole where the jack pads fit into.

If this piece is clean, it will pull out with ease. If there is anything stuck in there, it will be a little bit more difficult. But be assured, it will come out.

This is the piece:

And this is what it will look like when its pulled out:

Put the half-assembled jack pad on top of the jack, and line up the top of the pad to the hole.

Slowly jack up the jack, and the pad will seat itself. You will here a "whoosh, clunk, patunk, pssshhhhh" Thats the pad seating itself in the hole. After the music stops playing, lower the jack and make sure everything is seated properly. The two pieces will be locked together, and the bottoms will be flush.

On to the back. There is a piece with two circular plugs. The picture shows the piece and the plug that should be used. (Its the plug further towards the front of the car) Pulling the rubber stopper out will expose the hole.

Do the same procedure, jacking up the jack until everything seats itself. Then flip to the other side.

Have fun not dying when you jack up you car!

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