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Audi A3. Shift Knob Switch (Pics)

For those still one of those reallllly old manual transmission cars (do they still make them?), I compiled a really simple DIY. For those with DSG, go paint your paddles a pretty color or something


I'm one of the few with a base model by the way as you can see there. This switch was really needed in my opinion.



Step 1:
Pull the boot up + forward at the same time and it should all pop out nicely. Use two hands btw and be gentle.

An easier way to take off the frame is to pop open the ashtray and lift the frame up.. alot easier than pulling the boot (thanks swifta3)

If you haven't broken anything, this is what it should look like.

Step 2:
This is kind of annoying but you'll get it. Shift the boot up to the top of the knob and look at the insides of the boot. You'll see small clips attached to the frame. What you need to to do here is basically get the frame off the boot. Grab a flathead screwdriver and wedge it inbetween the clip and wall it's attached to, then push up. Put some power into it and it'll pop out.

Now we have this.

Step 3:
Now you need to take the ring off. The only way to do this is to remove it completely (if you purchased another shift knob, another ring should be supplied). I used a wire cutter and it did the job nicely (I destroyed that ring).

Step 4:
Everything else is pretty much self explanatory.. grab the new shift knob and pop it on, attach the frame and put everything else in place.
Here's what mine looks like.

It took me like 30 min and I've never done anything like this before, so I'd say it's pretty simple.
If anyone has any questions/tips or wants to correct anything please do so, I didn't read any tutorials or DIY for this, just simple common sense, so there might be better ways do it.
Read and follow this diy at your own discretion.

And I'd also like to thank Alan from for his help.

Here's the product:


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