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Audi A8 SuperSprint Exhaust Upgrade

Paul Waterloo installed a SuperSprint cat back exhaust on his 1997 A8 quattro. The exhaust was bought second hand and was originally installed on a S8.

The cost for a new SuperSprint exhaust is approximately $1,500.00.

The SuperSprint exhaust has a very nice sound to it, the car exhaust note is something compared to a Mustang GT in stock form. It's not too loud, and not so quiet that you can't hear it. It is audible from outside and inside the car. If not accelerating while traveling on the highway, it is hardly noticeable if at all. It does not resonant at any RPM. It is most throaty from idle to 3,000 RPM.

The exhaust required slight modification during installation. It was brought to a muffler shop. A few of the hangers required to be cut and moved approximately 1", but original exhaust rubber hangers were used.

The OEM exhaust was cut on the front end in order to reuse the cross over pipe and extend the OEM exhaust to meet the SuperSprint pipes. The SuperSprint exhaust mounts approximately 18" aft of the OEM cross over pipe. The cross over pipe sits up high under the car, so fabricating a replacement with extenders to meet the SuperSprint pipes would not be easy.

Total cost for installation was $100.00 and took about an hour.

SuperSprint Cat Back Exhaust for the A8/S8

It sure has a nice fit and finish, the tail pipes are perfect!

Forward muffler, the hangers required to be cut and welded slightly to fit correctly.

The OEM exhaust was cut here so the cross over could be used.
That's Chicago road salt on the bottom of the car/exhaust.

Exhaust seven months after installation.

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