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Audi A8 Adding angel eyes/painting inside of headlights

First off, I wouldn't try this if you are not knowledgable to cars and wireing, but also you dont have to be an expert tech. If your asking yourself can you do this, you probably can't or might have big trouble , ALSO I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONIBLE IF YOU MESS UP YOUR CAR/HEADLIGHTS OR GET A TRAFFIC TICKET.

2nd smart...disconnect your battery

PARTS: -2 cold cathodes 80mm (angel eyes)
-wire (to power the angel eyes)[i used speaker wire]
-expoxy (holds angel eyes)
-dremmel (to cut open the headlight)
-silicone (to re-seal the head light)
-10mm or 12mm i forgot and socket w/extension (to get headlights out)
-switch (to turn on and off)
-and patience (cause it sucks)

*if painting backround* (do not paint the reflective parts or you will not be able to see at night)
painters tape
black HI-temp paint
and TIME

The actual angel eye is a cold cathode for a computer fan, i got mine off ebay cheap for like 7 bucks shipped each. I would order an extra 2 cause youll prolly break/sit on your first one, like me. :-( All the other parts i got from AUTOZONE...get in the zone.

Start off by takeing out the 3 10mm/12mm bolts out holding in the headlight, then disconnect all the wireing in the back of the headlight. Take out the headlight and pull off the rubber part on top of the headlight.

Now the scary part.... Start dremmeling very carfully and slowly on the the inner part (where you wont see it when the hood is shut/under the rubber part) all the way around the headlight trying not to hit the chrome part. It will melt so use a flat head to open it up, but make sure not to use too much force or you will crack the cover.

Take off the plastic cover and wire the cathode to the back of the headlight(crack above the HID light). Then epoxy the angel eye in around the projector light (i would test the cathode first). Then clean up the melted parts where you were dremmeling to get a better seal and silicone the hell out of it, let it dry and silicone it again. Look over it slowly under a bright light and make sure you dont see any holes were moisture can enter. Otherwise condensation will get inside and it will look like hell.

Then hook up the little box that comes with the cathode kit as close as possible to the cathode or it will not work. Then run a power wire to the box from the battery and add a toggle switch in the cabin where ever you want, then ground the other side of the cathode and your done...

I also painted my backround black and if you also want to, you want to tape off the reflective parts really well and sand with wet dry 1000 grit then prime then paint 2 coats of HI-TEMP black paint...then give plenty of time to dry...

I left out some details but they are all common sense with some expericence of working on cars, and if you need a step by step write up then you shouldnt be doing this project. It took me the whole weekend cause i didnt rush, let the paint, epoxy, silicone dry completely. BE PATIENT

Then stand back and enjoy.

- A special thanks to xburbx for the info and tips

And post pics when your done i'd love to see them, thanks.

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