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Audi A8 Painting Stock Calipers

Painting Stock Calipers

Things You Will Need: Caliper Paint Kit (or Paint, Brake Cleaner, and Bushes), Masking Tape, Wire brush and/or Sandpaper, Rag, Jack and Jack stands, Socket Wrench, Decal (if desired)

Mod Time: 3 hours

Difficulty (1 to 5, 5 being the most difficult): 1 – Very easy, takes a bit of time but straight forward.

Step 1 – Preparation
Loosen the bolts off and proceed to jack up every corner of the car.

Once the car is off the ground, remove all four rims.

In order for the paint to last, you must thoroughly clean the calipers.

Spray the calipers with the cleaner, allowing it to air dry. Use the wire brush and sandpaper to clean off the rust.

Then respray the calipers with the cleaner and wipe them down with a rag.

Using the masking tape, cover all areas you do not plan on painting. It is important to cover all rubber parts and the brake bleeder screw.

Step 2 – Painting
Stir the paint real well. Brush on thin coats.

Wait 10-15 minutes before applying subsequent coats.

Repeat this process until you have consistent coverage and are happy with the look.

Step 3 – Waiting
The paint requires a curing time, and this will vary by what you use. Check the can for specific information.

Move onto the next caliper as the one you just completed dries.

Once you have painted all four calipers, you can remove the masking tape.

Step 4 – Decals (If Desired)
Some like to place a decal on the caliper to give that special look.

Once the paint is dry, line up the decal and place it on the freshly painted caliper.

You may want to coat the edges in clear coating to help hold it on, but this is not necessary. Covering the whole sticker may cause damage to it, so be careful.

Step 5 – Waiting
You can now replace the rims and lower the car.

Make sure you re-torque the bolts to their proper specifications.

Be careful when replacing the rims to not hit the calipers. The paint has not fully cured so it may be fragile.

Stand back and enjoy the new look, no longer will you see rusted calipers behind your rims. When cleaning your ride make sure to spray and wipe them down to maintain that high-gloss finish.

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