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Audi A8 Debadging Your Car

Thanks to Tim Jones of for this article. Even though it is done on a BMW, the process is the same for all cars. The Audi A8 Looks great without badges. Some even like to remove the rings.

Tools Needed:
  • 3M Adhesive Remover
  • Hair dryer
  • Dental floss or fishing line
  • Soft terry cloth
  • Prewax cleaner or clay to remove residue
  • Car Wax

Estimated Time: 15-20 minutes
Wash the areas around the badges you want to remove; if the car needs a wash this is a good time to do the whole car.
This step can be skipped if you are doing this on a hot day. Heat up badge with a hair dryer. Test the amount of heat you are putting on the paint with your hand, you do not want to over heat the paint. When removing lettering or numbering work on one character at a time. Heat for ten to fifteen seconds checking the heat the entire time.
Spray 3M adhesive remover on badge, hold a cloth below the badge to keep the adhesive remover from dripping. Editor's note: I did not use 3M adhesive remover when I removed them from my A8 on a summer day.
Heat again for another five to ten seconds, again checking the heat.
Using the dental floss start to cut the badges off. Pull the dental floss away from the car so that it is rubbing on the badge and not the car. If there is much resistance to the dental floss cutting the adhesive reheat and reapply 3M adhesive remover. Having a friend hold the badge helps so they do not go flying off.
With the badge off you now have to deal with the leftover adhesive. Carefully try to peal off the corner, if there is much resistance, reapply heat and 3M adhesive remover. Slowly peal the adhesive off; hopefully it will come off in one piece. Be careful not to scratch the paint by using your fingernails to "dig" at the adhesive.
With the badge and adhesive off move onto the next character or badge.
Use a wet wash mitt or towel to clean the dirt that you could not get before, when clean dry the area. Use prewax cleaner or clay to fully remove the dirt residue. 3M adhesive remover also removes wax, if your car needs a wax this might be a good time to do the car, otherwise just wax the areas you were working on. Notice how much easier it is to wax that area with out a badge in the way.
Stand back and admire.

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