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Audi A8 Fan Removal and Installation

Tools Required:
    Long shaft flat blade small screwdriver
    10 mm opened ended wrench
    Large adjustable wrench

Replacement Parts Needed:

    4D0807300 Body Pin 1 ea

The mechanically driven fan must be removed first. It is driven by a viscous coupler that can go bad causing the engine to run hot (above the first notch on the left side of the temperature gauge).

Remove the two bolts holding the passenger side fan shroud onto the radiator.

Using a 10mm wrench on one of the four fan pulley bolts to hold the fan still, loosen the large nut holding the fan onto the pulley (big Crescent works great). NOTE- THIS IS LEFT-HAND THREADED- DO NOT TURN TO THE LEFT TO LOOSEN! DAMAGE MAY RESULT!

Once completely loosened, remove the fan and shroud as an assembly by lifting straight up. The lower portion of the shroud is held in place by clips that are disengaged by lifting the shroud straight up.

The electric fan removal is a little trickier. First, remove the body pin holding the fan in place- it is located on the fan shroud towards the center of the engine and lower (it would appear at 8:00 if you look at the fan from the front of the car). Use a long flat-blade screwdriver to break the pin- there is no way to remove without breaking it.

Electric Fan Pin Location and Pin Removed
This Pin Must be Replaced

Once the pin has been removed, the electric fan and shroud can be removed as a single unit by carefully lifting up on the small tab located at the 3:00 position (viewed from front of car) on the fan shroud and rotating the entire assembly clockwise (viewed from front of car- the top of the fan shroud moves towards the driver's side of the car) approximately 5 degrees. Then the assembly can be pulled out of the radiator shroud towards the back of the engine. Several zip-tie electrical cable tie downs must be removed in order to set the fan assembly off to the driver's side of the engine compartment. These are reusable, and can be loosened by pressing down on a small tab while pushing on the end of the tie.

Installation is reverse of removal, using a new pin to locate the fan assembly. If you don't have a replacement pin on hand, use some zip ties to hold the fan assembly locked in the counter clockwise position (viewed from front of car) until a replacement pin can be procured.

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