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Audi A8 Front Axle Replacement

If your front axle is making noise when turning the wheel, you probably need to replace the CV joint. If this is the case, it can be much easier to replace the entire front axle with a rebuilt unit. If it makes a clicking noise when turning right, then it is the left hand axle. If it makes the noise when turning left, then it is the right hand axle. provides rebuilt axles with NEW CV joints, not rebuilt ones that are machined oversized.

They send you a replacement axle with new CV joints, boots and synthetic grease. You install it or have somebody install it for you.

The core must be returned after installing the axle so that can use the shafts again.

I replaced the left hand axle on my 1997 A8 after 117,000 miles. I do not know if it was the inner or outer joint that was bad, but the inner joint was very milky after cutting the boot to inspect it. The outer boot looked okay, it was replaced and regreased at about 65,000 miles.

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