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Audi A8 euro blindspot mirrors: Installation, Fitment, thoughts, experience (you know the drill)

Well, I've seen these advertised on several group buys I thought, "what the heck, I'll give them a shot”. I apologize in advance for the dirty picture of my mirror.

The highlights:
- Very easy DIY installation. You can handle each side in 45 minutes (tops)
- Fairly inexpensive...unless you have auto-dimming mirrors (see below)
- I only installed the drivers' side mirror. After a month of use, I plan on buying the passenger side.

Bottom-line: Has made a noticeable difference when navigating in traffic (most of my driving is on the highway). These will probably make a bigger difference if you drive a lot in the city.

Description (I pulled this from another website): Why these mirrors aren't available outside of Europe, we may never know. The Blindspot Mirror Glass adds safety and security to your vehicle, allowing you to see objects both near, far, and in areas that are normally easy to miss. While basically normal by all appearances, these European Blindspot Mirrors are curved (aspherical) at the outermost edges, allowing for greater range of view.

Fitment for Models/Years: C5 A6/S6/RS6/allroad MY1998-2004
(FYI - the mirror glass from a B5 A4 (MY1999.5-2001) and B5 S4 (MY2000-2002) is the same glass/part used in the C5 A6.)
- C5 A6 MY1998-1999 (those with the smaller passenger/right side mirror. For this car, I am not sure if someone offers a blind spot mirror for the smaller exterior mirror. You might need to install an exterior mirror housing from a newer C5 A6. Sorry, other than that…I can‼sup>TMt help you there (hint: search the forum for any details from those that have done it in the past).
- C5 A6 / S6 / RS6 MY1999.5-2004 (V6 and V8 models all have the same exterior mirrors)
- C5 allroad MY2001-2005 (V6 and V8 models all have the same exterior mirrors. I believe that only offer the allroad versions)

Part numbers (via for C5 A6/S6/RS6 (1998-2004) FYI - I used the part#'s that they gave me for the B5 A4 1999-2001 as they share the common part; also a part# starting in 4B0-XXX-XXX might work).
Auto-dimming, heated version
- Left/drivers' side: part#8D0-857-535H
- Right/passenger side: part#8D0-857-536H

NONE auto-dimming, heated version
- Left/drivers' side: part# 8D0-857-535E
- Right/passenger side: part# 8D0-857-536E

Part numbers for C5 allroad MY2001-2005 (via
Auto-dimming, heated version
- Left/drivers' side: part# 4Z7-857-535A
- Right/passenger side: part# 4Z7-857-536J

NONE auto-dimming, heated version
- Left/drivers' side: part# 4Z7-857-535B
- Right/passenger side: part# 4Z7-857-536D

C6 A6 from 2005 - ?:
C6 A6 MY2005+ ? I believe the B6 A4/S4 (and possibly the D3 A8) share the same size/shape exterior mirrors...but I'm not positive (I posted the question on the C6 A6 forum a month ago…and I didn't get a response). In this scenario, you could add the euro blind spot mirrors as they are listed on (both auto-dim and non auto-dim) under the parts section for the B6 A4/S4 (MY2002-2004).

Part numbers (via for C6 A6 (and possibly S6/RS6…when available):
Auto-dimming, heated version
- Left/drivers' side: part# 8E0-857-535H
- Right/passenger side: part# 8E0-857-536H

NONE auto-dimming, heated version
- Left/drivers' side: part# 8E0-857-535E
- Right/passenger side: part# 8E0-857-536E

What if I have exterior auto-dimming mirrors?:
Chances are, most of the C5 A6 owners have the convenience package with interior/exterior auto-dimming mirrors. I've noticed that the auto-dim blind spot mirrors are ridiculously expensive (Ouch! $500+ for a pair). Incidentally, the dealer charges $200/each for a replacement auto-dimming mirror (non euro blind spot).

Based on my research via the Bentley schematics, the three (two exterior and one interior) auto-dimming mirrors all work in concert together to adjust the dimming of all three. You might ask, "how do you know this?"...well my 2001 A6 didn't have the convenience package...and I REALLY wanted the interior auto-dimming mirror. Well, back in June 2002, Achtuning was running a Group Buy for the interior auto-dimming compass mirror for $200. What a bargain! (If you search on you will see the compass mirror listed for $250..but it is backordered). I then consulted the schematics in my Bentley manual and spent some time on the phone with the Audi parts department to figure out what parts I needed and how to hook it up. If anyone would like to add an interior auto-dimming mirror (and/or compass version) to their A6...just drop me an email ( I can send you the parts info for the wires/connectors etc. See also this great article by Joshua (Compass Mirror Tech Article)

Behind the exterior mirrors you will find a separate wiring harness (two wires - see link/pix)
that connect to the perimeter black membrane of the mirror. FYI - this black membrane is auto-dimming sensor.

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to just disconnect those wires and install none auto-dimming [euro blind spot mirrors]. Of course, all C5 A6's have heated mirrors, so these are all heated as well.

Thoughts after 1 month of use (based only on drivers' side):
This mirror has already saved my a$$ twice while driving on the Mass Pike (Boston area). If you drive with these mirrors....then drive another car (i.e. your spouse's car), it will be a bit disorienting. I've grown accustomed to that added visibility...but when I go to drive my wife's 2005 Pacifica....I need to take some time to adjust. Of course, you could always just buy euro blind spot mirrors for both cars. Problem: solved! On the flipside, if someone (i.e. your spouse) else drives your car, then he/she will need to adjust to this convex lens as well...because it takes a little while to adjust to them.

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Installation fitment post

(Dear Forum Moderators: Before you decide to delete this post...please keep in mind that I only listed sources that are advertisers on Audiworld)
- Achtuning (AW advertiser): Not I could only find the version for the TT on their website.

- Stratmosphere (AW advertiser):

- EP Importers:

- VAG parts - they offer the allroad and the C5 A6 version (located under the 1999-2001 B5 A4 grouping) - ( Enter Online Shop/Product Overview/Audi etc.;jsessionid=1542419c21857c3/shopdata/index.shopscript

- ECS Tuning:

- Pure Motorsport

Links to helpful installation information (very easy job):
Installation post
Installation post

I hope this was useful for you. I tried to cover every possible question that the forum (nooB's and veterans) could ask of me.

Standard Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of the companies that sell/import these mirrors. You assume all responsibility for any damage or unsatisfactory result obtained by following this modification. Please read it all beforehand, just to make sure you understand the implications of this modification and how it will impact your driving ability.

- Ted (Go Celtics!!) TeddyBGame
- C5 Avant - "the Beast" (Ha!!)
- 2005 Chrysler Pacifica Touring (Nav, Sirius, Bluetooth, Xenon, TPMS, ParkSense, DVD Changer - basically loaded)
- 2003 Vespa ET2 (modified exhaust and carb -- so I can max out at 45MPH)
- John Deere Gator (4x2) for the boy

As of November 2006:

Accessory Add-ons:
(Definition: An item that provides a specific function - in a cyclical nature - and can be removed very..very easily.)
1) OEM winter floor mats
2) OEM rubber trunk mat and cargo net
3) VW Touareg cigarette lighter flashlight
4) Thule roof bars with Evolution 1200 roof box

(Definition: A [bolt-on/bolt-off] item that enhances the appearance, performance or misc function of your car.)
1) OEM front/rear Euro black Recaro Seats (from a Euro 2003 S6 Avant)
2) OEM HID/Xenon (complete) housings (car never came with the Xenon option from the factory)
3) OEM Euro front/rear (avant) beam-style wiper blades/arms (available via
4) OEM B6 S4 Interior auto-dimming black mirror with compass and on/off button
5) OEM Euro blindspot exterior mirrors
6) OEM S6/4.2 exterior lower door trim
7) OEM S4/S6/S8 aluminum mirror housings
8) OEM Euro rear license plate panel from 2002+ facelift avant (slight MODification to US plate required)
9) ?
10) OEM Euro RNS-E DVD Navigation system with MP3, SAT control and TV input
11) Dietz 1417 A/V input to RNS-E
12) Blaupunkt ME3 DVD/CD/MP3/TV Tuner with aftermarket amplified TV antenna in windshield
13) OEM Sirius tuner (special version to work with RNS-E)
14) OEM Phatnoise Phatbox MP3 player (trunk mounted) with custom interface cable to allow Sirius tuner and Phatbox to work together -- cool!!
15) ?
16) BBS RC 17x8 ET35 with Michelin Pilot Sports (summer tires)
17) 2002+ Rear bumper with valance openings for Magnaflow 3" exhaust tips
18) OEM submarine fin roof antenna for SAT / GPS / Cellphone (GSM)
19) OEM Euro gunmetal black avant roof rails
20) 2002+ Climate control faceplate to match faceplate color of RNS-E
21) Walnut wood trim near hazard button (above RNS-E) to match rest of interior wood scheme
22) OEM Euro Avant door panels with integrated sunshades (imported from Germany to match the black leather in my Euro Recaro interior)
23) OEM Euro blacked out front grille (no chrome perimeter)
24) OEM gunmetal black lower rear hatch strip (specific part# for avant vs. sedan)
25) OEM RS6 gunmetal black interior door latches; no need to add any RS6 badges in my car (Thanks Nelson!!!)
26) OEM Euro four spoke walnut wood and black leather (special order via Audi GmbH) multi-function wheel with tip buttons and OEM phone (BT) control
27) Upgraded "618" MF/Tip control module

Coming soon:
- rear mounted removable 7" LCD panel

(Definition: Any permenant change to a part or component of your car that you cannot reverse)
1) Tray under armrest to add aux. cigarette lighter
2) OEM avant CD changer bracket MODified (to fit two large CD changers etc) - now I just use it for Phatbox, OEM SAT tuner and OEM BT module.
3) Exhaust tips MODified to add Magna Flow (#35163) 3" dual walled tip
4) Factory wiring behind Sym I to simplify installation/removal of RNS-E
5) MODified glovebox to support fitment of Blaupunkt ME3 (a biatch to install!!)
6) MODified headlight switch bezel for fitment of GALA switch for "video-in-motion" for playing Blaupunkt ME3 through RNSE
7) MODified stock exhaust and had magnaflow 3" tips welded on (see above)
8) MODified rear Euro license plate surround to house 2nd rear foglight (2001 model only came with one from the factory); US license plate needed to be MODified a bit to fit inside the narrow Euro opening.

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