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CD Changer Removal and Phatnoise Install

OK so i decided to upgrade my stock CD changer to a 20gig phatbox. The skipping of the cd changer when hitting bumps and the limit amount of music dont compare at all to the phatbox. 20gigs is the equal to 4,000 songs @ 5mbs per songs. Enough of the technical speech, lets get to work:

The CD changer is inside the drivers side rear drivers side panel.

In order to remove the unit there is some work involved but it should take more than 30mins.
Remove the back plastic cover, its held to the car with like 10 phillips screws. pull it out.

Now fold the carpet back

Also remove the black pastic rubber grommet that is just slightly above the black plastic piece that you have just removed. This grommet is covering up a screw and is also used to hold the panel in place. After you have removed it, pull semi hard onto the panel and peel it into the trunk area

The panel is clipped to the inside with these 2 clips and the bolt with the rubber grommet.

You should now have a clear view of the CD Changer and its braket that holds the sucker in there.

For the CD Changer installation or removal you will have to take the bracket out due to those 2 screws that are inaccessible on the other side. Photo shows the rear of the bracket.

There are 2 bolts just underneath the taillight bulbs, 2 on the bottom and one that is just underneath the amplifier as shown here:

Be care full after you have the bracket loose because of the radio cables that are mounted underneath:

The connectors that are used in the car:

Remove the 2 bolts per side that are holding the CD Changer unit in the bracket. The unit will now slide out. Well you need to disconnect the Round cable first.

Side by side comparisms of the cd changer and the Pbox:

You could now reinstall the bracket with the phatbox permanently mounted with the screws supplied and have it fixed or do my modifications so you can switch in between phatbox or cd changer as you want.

Also for those CD Changer owners complaining about skipping when driving over bumps. Buy yourself some rubber patch for 1$ at the local hardware store and cut some small sections as shock absorbers and install them in between the bracket and frame of the car. I wanted to always try that but it should absorb some of the bumps that you encounter daily.

Whatever you want to do is up to you, but install the bracket back into the car and have the phatbox in it. Put the interior back together and program the sucker.
Here is what i did: Use some velcro tape and attach it to the phatbox and the bracket.

The phatbox is slightly thinner than the CD Changer so you can "fly" it into the bracket and then just push it down having the velcro nipples make contact and hold the thing in there.

I got my phatbox from one of the local AWMA Mod Crew Members and he made a CUSTOM setup when he had his installed in his S4:

Now thats what i call custom fit! We swapped those as well. For reference the cartridge doesnt stick out that far its for the picture only. i actually would have have flip the panel right now to remove the cartridge.

Depending on your car radio and setup and stuff you will have to buy the AUDI CABLE seperatly and you will need to configure the unit to run with certain cars and radios.
If you have a Symphony radio hit the CDC button, then "6" and scroll until 22 appear and the chick says Unit Q or something like that. Refer to one of the 7 Pdf's that accompany the unit for reference.

Hope this helps!
The newest music manager software is here

BTW They have different languages available and the german one (native to me) sounds very sexy...


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