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Audi A4 Motorola Bluetooth Integration

There are many phones and many Bluetooth kits out there. This is only one option available - I don't profess this set-up to be the best, but it fits my needs.

Phone Model: Motorola v-505
Bluetooth Kit: Motorola 98500 / S9642C

Why Bluetooth? 2 main reasons:
1) Bluetooth functionality allows the phone to integrate with the phone functionality that is already wired into Audi's without any wires. Meaning, I can now sit in my car and place calls by voice while the phone is remains in my pocket.

2) But more importantly, you are no longer tied down to the phone. One disadvantage of non-Bluetooth phone kits (such as the Nokia 8260's I had prior to this one) is that the hardware is specific to that particular phone. Therefore, I was 'stuck' with the Nokia even as phones got advanced and had more features. So now if there is a new phone that comes out in the future with features I like, if it has Bluetooth, I just have to take a minute or 2 to configure it to talk to my bluetooth kit I installed in that car and I'm in business. All the hardware I had from the Nokia kit is now useless.

Here's the kit and it's contents:

Basically, I connect the kit to the car in the same manner as when I did the Nokia 8260 integration. With an additional DB25 straight-thru cable, you plug it into the cable coming out of car in the CD-Changer area (B5 A4) and cut the cable as shown here.

I really recommend this method - as there is no soldering required with this approach. More details on that in my Nokia 8260 article

Then connect the wires from the kit as diagrammed here:
PIN on DB25#: -----> LINE:
10 -----> Orange
16 -----> Red Isolate with fuse
5 -----> Green line Isolate with fuse
3 -----> Black
19 -----> Speaker + (white line)
25 -----> Speaker - (black line)
15 -----> Mike + (white line)
14 -----> Mike - (black line)
[The Yellow and Blue wires are not used]

You cut the speaker and microphone lines in the kit and connect them to the appropriate lines listed above.

I placed the Junction Box (the black box in the 1st pic) behind the dash and Control Unit on the dash console as shown here:

It's possible to place this elsewhere - by the handbrake area or to the left of the steering wheel. I considered both, but I preferred this. Somebody more creative than me will come up with something else I'm sure.

The blue button on the Control Unit is the main Bluetooth button. When the ignition gets turned on, that button flashes until a connection is made with the phone. When the connection is made, the buttons remains lit and the phone is now in Bluetooth mode. Here's a pic of the phone getting connected to the kit - again, this can happen with the phone in my pocket. This is just for demonstrative purposes:

The circular button in the middle is the Mute button. When a call is established that lights up in orange. If you press it, the mic is muted and it flashes. When you want to resume, you press it again and you can speak again. The Button next to that is the Voice Recognition button. If you want to make a call, you press that button, the radio is muted and it displays "Phone" and a sexy British female voice says "Say a name" You then state a name you have programmed - "Linda" for instance. Then it says back "Calling " - and voila the call is made. The 2 buttons on the right are volume buttons...

Here's a night time shot:

It took me about an hour to install this because it basically sat on top of my old installation. But if doing this from scratch, it should take about 3 hrs.

Other cool things/features:
-If you want privacy, you simply press the Bluetooth button until it is unlit, then you can just use the handset as normal. You can do this even when you're on the phone.

-You can program a 'keyword' to use when a call comes in. In my case I use "answer". When a call come in I say "answer" and the call is picked up.

-The kit supports 2 types of voice dialing, the phone's and the kit's own internal voice dialing. The kit's has the voice prompts and has to be programmed/trained separately.

-When the battery level on the phone is running low, the Bluetooth feature gets disabled.

-You can configure a few other optional setting to fit your preferences - ringtone, auto-answer, etc.

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