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Audi A4 B5 N75 Valve Replacement

N75 Valve Replacement BSK 2005

30mins install time/difficulty 3 because of tightness

The N75 is located in between the airbox and engine just above the turbo in the hose going towards the airbox.
make sure your engine is cold when replacing or some burns will accompany this replacement!

Disconnect the plastic air filter connector from the air box and the front intake. remove 2 phillips screws and pull out the piece.

Remove the crankcase breather filter (pancake filter or what ever its called) to have better access to the N75.

Disconnect the cable by squeezing the silver security lock

Now comes the fun part to remove those twist on clamps. I used a small end banding snip plier and pulled up on the clamp side that has the notches. the clamp basically lets loose and can be taken off.

Remove all 3 clamps and pull the N75 out.

Replace with the replacement and put everything back together as it was and secure with clamps. I dont think that zipties would hold up in a high heat environment so do that own your own risk. I have the hoses on there without any clips so far.

Thats it!
058 906 283 F is the N75F valve
058 906 283 C is the N75C valve
Part number stays the same only the last letter changes to the actual letter designation

I went out for a test drive in the rain and I am spiking now at 18psi and run 16psi of boost with the giac chip. however the best part is that the boost comes on rather quickly now than before. I'm happy!

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