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Audi A4 1.8T: Tennis Ball method for finding boost leaks

1.8T: Tennis Ball method for finding boost leaks

"Tennis Ball Method"

Stuff needed:
- Air compressor with hose and air nozzle....pressure gauge on
- tennis ball
- Screw driver or ratchet to take off the hose clamp
- existing hose clamp (c-clamp) from airbox side of inlet hose
- Something to puncture the tennis ball with (ie. scissors, knife)
- You might also want to take the intake ducting off for more
room to work

Here is a step by step on how I did it:
Take off the big hose that goes out from your air box into the turbo. Cut a small hole on opposite ends of the tennisball, just big enough to get an air hose blower fitting in it...take the tennis ball and jam it in that hose, then clamp it down air tight with the C-clamp. Next, apply 20-30 lbs of air pressure (No more than this) into the tennis ball for short increments of 5-10 seconds on then 5-10 this carefully until the system is charged with air. Make sure you leave the hose fitting air tight on the tennis ball during the whole process so no air gets out that way...listen carefully for leaks, make sure your air compressor is off so you can hear it. If there is a leak you will hear a pssst or "blowing on a grass blade" sound. You can also light a cig (I don't smoke) and hold it over the engine. If any leaks are there it should move the smoke around.

good luck and PM me if you run into any problems
\\ 2.0T race stroker with QEDpower built head //

This is it...

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