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Audi B5 A4 Painting Lower Stock Side Moldings

I did this on my 2001 Silver A4. Duplicolor has a "briliant silver" that matches our factory LY7W "silver" perfectly. They have the cans at local auto parts stores for about $5 for a 6oz. can. They also have clear coats in 12 oz. cans for $5 as well. You will also need a plastic adhesion promoter to prime the plastic. For the sides I used 4-6oz cans of silver and 2-12oz can of clear coat and 1-12oz. can of plastic adhesion promoter.

As always when painting, it is best to paint when humidity is low and temperature is above 68 degrees F.

I'm going to finish up on my front and rears this weekend, so I'll have that portion up as well as a Part II

1) buy/gather all materials:
mask tape, paint, newspaper, jack/stands, respirator, goggles, gloves, etc.

2) deep clean (with dawn dishsoap or equivalant)

2.5) I did not remove my lower side moldings for painting, some do, but I didn't!

3) dry completely and mask area

4) apply plastic adhesion promoter 2 coats

5) apply color soon after, in very light coats for it to stick best.

6) more color coats until desired match it achieved, took me 4 coats of color per side. I used basically half of a 6oz can for each coat. Make sure paint becomes at least tacky between coats.

7) IMPORTANT: apply first light clear coat when color is DRY!! very light coat so the color coat doesn't run underneath and look like garbage.

8) apply 1-3- more clear coats, heavier this time, after the first coat has almost dried completely.

Let that all dry overnight and demask very carefully!
Pictures are right down there!

Pics :

Questions? PM me and I'd be glad to help!

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