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Audi A4 B5 30 Minute Amateur Rim Rash Repair

ALL: 30 Minute Amateur Rim Rash Repair

It was a nice day outside today, so I decided to repair a road rash I had on my rim.

This is the road rash I got on my Oettinger RZ's


Tools and Materials you'll need...

-Eye Protection
-A beer or more
-And these items below....


1. Put on your eye protection and grab your Dremel. Put on the pointed grinder bit, at low speed. Begin working on the rash, smoothing it down and keeping it parallel to the rim lip. Work it until you have removed some of the deep scratches.

Once you have grind down the rash it should look like this...

2. Next move to the sander bit. This will smooth out the high and low areas of your rim. I believe its about 320 grit. Again low speed and keep it parallel with the lip.

Once you have sanded down the rash it should look like this...

After you have used the sanding bit. I moved into sanding blocks, this will keep your lip rounded and help smooth the edges out

After the blocks, move to some sand paper. Move to 400 and then to 600 to smooth everything off... Lightly sand it, It should start having a little shine to it once you start doing this process...

3. Polishing. Switch to the polishing bit, add a little polish to the tip. And being working the polishing into the lip slowly. Again you are on low speed. Work until the polish turns black.

4. Wipe off the black. You might want to go back and hand buff it one more time.

5. Results.

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