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Audi A4 mp3/media player while keeping trunk cd changer

Well, after tons of research I desided I wanted to hook in my media player into my car. I do NOT have an ipod, and that made things harder. And on top of it all I desided I wanted to keep my in trunk cd changer. Well after much searching I found this product:

Sounded promising so I ordered the item. The next friday after it came I was ready for the task at hand.

First everything although packaged poorly looked like in good condition, and did not look too hard to install. After reading the instructions for 2 min I relized this was going to be a lot harder than I hoped. Not being able to find anything online and only having very generic, and insturctions that were almost worthless made the task slightly harder (thus i am posting this DIY).

First I went down to Best Buy and had a nice fellow remove my stero for me. page=1

The carfully drove the car back to the garage where it would sit till I finished the task.

I then hooked in the supplied wiring harness to the back of the radio removing the yellow/green/blue connector that went into the radio. I pluged that plug back into the wiring harness. page=1 page=1

I then pluged in the box that has the dual inputs into the wiring harness and put it behind the radio (it is a tight fit but it will go back there). I fed through the wires for the dual inputs/power/ground to the drivers side. page=1

I then fed the switch into the glove box with was harder than I had original thought it would have been. The only reason I put it into the glove box was I could not deside on a place to mount the switch. So I figured it would work there and I could always easliy move it. page=1

The instructions said to have it connected to a SWITCHED 12v source. And since I could not find any 12v line that turns on when the car/radio is on I desided to just add a switch now just incase I need it. This switch was not the orginial switch but since the original switch desided not to work properly I had to use this cheap plastic switch. page=1

(**note after using a multimeter and seeing what that switch does I think your battery will do fine without this switch unless your car will sit for months/years)

After disconecting the battery (make sure you know your radio code) I cut a major red 12v wire behind the plasict next to the drivers left foot. I then added in my 12v wire for the harnes and tined it and sealed. page=1

There is also a ground but you don't have to cut anything. It is very obvious so I did not take any photos of it.

Here is where it starts getting easier. Now you need to attach all the wires, and run them to where you will be putting your media player. page=1

this is more of a media player specific item. I wanted to have power while my media player was pluged in. So I ran another 12v line/ground to a plug like this: page=1

The only issue I have here is that this will always have power. But it draws such a small current when the media player is not in it I desided to just leave it the way it is. I then hid this item under the drivers seat and finished routing my wires. Make sure your switches are secured, and all wires are out of the way of your feet and wont get in the way of driving.

When my player was all done it sat and looked like this: page=1

And when I use the remote and drive I can look like this: page=1

It is a very safe way to use a media player and drive at the same time. It is all very sleak and integrated. You do have to switch the switch in the trunk OR the one by your feet to just kill its power to use the cd changer. I am very happy with how sleek and sexy the install was but at times it was very frustrating. I am intrested if anyone has suggestions.

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