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Audi Q7 DIY Kufatec Comfort Close Install

Ease of Installation: Easy (3 on a scale of 1-10)
Approximate Install Time: 30 minutes (writing this how-to actually took longer than it did to do the install)
Geek Factor: High

Thanks for Q7_UK and Jusforfun for both information and some added confidence that I was not the first guinea pig to try this :-)


Parts Required:
Kufatec's "Comfort Heckklapenmodul Audi Q7 4L". Here's a picture of the Kufatec Comfort Closing module (next to my wife's Motorola Pebl)

Wire Connectors (Radio Shack p/n: 64-3053). A couple of other AWers have used soldering. My soldering skills are somewhat, uh, suspect and I've had good luck using wire connectors for other retrofit projects in the past.


Installation Steps:
(pardon the verbosity. I tend to ramble sometimes :-)

Open the rear hatch. Remove rear roof trim panel by grabbing the trim panel and push/rotate down.

You will need a little bit of force, but the goal is to release the three retention snaps shown below. I ended up using a flat head screw driver to release the middle and left one.

Once you remove the trim piece, you'll see two control modules. In my Q7, the one on the left was black and marked "Driver" while the one on the right is blue and marked "Passenger". All the work you need to do will be on the left (black) one.

Next, you'll want to find a good spot to place the Kufatec control module. It's fairly small, but it's large enough pose some installation location problems. I chose to hide my unit up in the headliner to the left of the black control module.

To access this space, you need to release the screw shown below which will allow you to pull back the D-pillar trim piece.

Because the hinge of the rear hatch appears to intrude somewhat into the D-pillar open space, I tucked my Kufatec module further in (i.e. closer to the front of the car) and routed the cables from it around the black control module

Here's a shot with the D-Pillar reinstalled and the Kufatec wires zip tied into place. Quick note - the top of the D-Pillar and room trim panel must tuck underneath the rubber gasket.

Pull off the cable connector from the module. You'll see that the pins are marked;

Using a pair of scissors, _carefully_ cut back on the black fabric/electrical tape Audi uses to hold all the wires together. You need to expose enough wire that you can get your wire taps in place, but you need to be careful not to cut any of the existing wires.

Use the following diagram to wire up your module:

All wire taps in place

Plug the connector back in, tuck the wires away and re-install the trim piece. When re-installing the trim piece, start with the bottom edge, then line up the 3 retention snaps and press in. Make sure that the top edge of the trim piece is tucked in underneath the weather stripping.



Simply push the unlock or lock button on your key fob twice in rapid succession to close the rear hatch.

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