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Audi Q7 DIY Hard Wiring Radar Detector in a Q7

I prefer to use the switched power post, as I have done in the past in the S6 and allroad, but I could not find one behind the dash on either side (2 fuse boxes in Q7). So I found an unused fuse receptacle that had power (a 5 amp that I think was for adaptive cruise)

I did not have a spade adapter, but this hole adapter fit nice and snug in the metal power sleeve of the fuse. I attatched the power wire from the V1 remote power source. I grounded to the chassis bolt at the bottom of the fuse box.

I used a velcro tab to attach the remote power unit to the surround of the box.

I like the V1 above the mirror, tucked out of the way and less visible for window shopping. I ran the telephone cord under the windshield header trim (not difficult) and I ran it down the A pillar on the outside, between the door rubber seal and the grey trim (again, easy).

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