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Audi A4 (B5). Cone Intake for $80 Cdn.

Despite the fact that I got ****faced last night, and woke up drunk this morning at 6:40am to go to a scrap yard to look for parts in a snow storm/bloody cold weather, I still somehow managed to get this done, so its pretty easy. I think the hardest part was trying to understand the advanced mechanics of zipties in my retarded state of mind.

First the schematic I came up with for the project:

Thanks to whomever picture that was.

You need:
Regular tools, cutters, screwdrivers, etc.

Zip ties, couple of em. I think I used about 5 or 6.

K&N filter with a 1" inlet. I used part no. 62-1410. $22.90

K&N Filter with a 70mm/2.75" opening. Part no. RU1520. - $55.00

I think this is the largest filter that would fit, being 7".

1. Take out the entire air box. Unplug what ever lines you can that run around the airbox because they just get in the way. Find the 1" hose that runs to the sec. air injection pump, and remove the top flat plastic piece, pull it, pry it with a screw driver, it will come off but its a bit of a *****. Install the small air filter in its place. Tight fit, but it'll go in. Push it near the headlamp, and out of the way.

2. Take out the MAF from inside the airbox, and install the lower half of the box back in the car. Insert the MAF into the filter, and connect to main air duct. Dont tighten anything yet, make sure it fits first. Once it does take it out.

3. Remove the heat shield from the top half of the airbox, and fit it back to where it normally sits between the cat and the intake. At this point its good to have someone near you who knows how to use zip ties, or it could get difficult. (Thanks Art ). The shield has 4 holes, zip tie the bottom two holes to the hoses near each. Front hole will probably need two zip ties, this proved to be a pretty difficult concept for my hungover ass, but somehow I got it. For the top holes, re-attach the line that is mounted to the holes by using a nut and bolt on the front hole, and a zip tie on the rear. Dont need to do it this way, just get the shield in there so it doesnt move, what I did made sense at the time so I'll stick with it. No play what so ever, and it gets the job done.

4. Once the heat shield is secure, install the filter in place. It take a bit of moving it around to get everything to sit properly, but once it does its in there with out any play, so I didnt do anything else to secure the filter.

5. Re-attach everything, and youre done.

This really should not take too long, even though I spent a better half of the afternoon doing it. Sorry no IAT/MAF flow before and after logs because today I just didnt care, I was doing it anyways, car sounds much deeper now, and yes its got the BOV sound too, although not as loud as my GTI with an AEM CAI. Maybe I'll do a CAPS run tomorrow, but really the car doesnt feel any different, I did this for easy access to the MAF and because I hated working with the OEM box.

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