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Audi A4 (B5). Painting intake runners

If you feel the need to clean up your 2.8L engine bay, one of the best ways is to paint the intake runners. It is one of the cheapest upgrades you can do.

The Cost
- $10
Items Needed
- Newspaper
- 100 grit sand paper
- Tape
- VHT Caliper Paint (available at Auto-Zone)
- 1 hour
The Procedure:

First: take off the engine cover, and expose the intake runners:

...barrowed this photo

Second: Sand the runners as far as you can reach. your goal is to try to make them as smooth as possible.

Third: Clean off dust with a paper towel and a strong cleaner

Fourth: place Newspaper to completely cover the engine bay, fenders, and front bumper. This paint will overspray, so be sure to put time into this and do not leave any spot un covered.

Fifth: tape off runners. Place tpe beneath the fuel rail and place engine cover back on to ensure that the tape is placed far enough down so that you cannot see it when the cover is in place.

Sixth: use duct tape and connect the newspaper to the fuel rail, and ensure that nothing is left exposed except for the intake runners.

Seventh: take your can of VHT caliper paint (Color of your choice), and spray runners making sure to spray from a 12-16 inch distance, and try not to saturate them.

Eighth: repeat step seven at least 4 times for good results, spray thin coats, and allow ten minutes between spraying. When you have applied the desired amount of coats, allow a couple hours to need to do anything during this time.

Ninth: remove all newspaper and tape, and apply engine cover. it should come out something like this:

and I think this looks much cleaner than before!

also: this will leave you PLENTY of paint to do your calipers as well....I did both and still have half a can left over.

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luckyfella1 said...

where can i find a intake runner part? and how much do they go for?