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Audi A4 (B5). How to make your own performance plug wires

I just couldn't bring myself to pay the two hundred and something that everywere was asking, So, I made my own.

this prosess is pretty easy and I think could be done by most of you. First I started out by getting the ACCEL universal super stock spiral wire kit from my local Autozone. Part #5040K. about $50

Now that I have that, I removed all the old wires, If you don't remember where they go It may be a good Idea to do them one at a time.
starting with the old wires, I removed the end that went to the coil by just pulling it off.

Hold on to the wire for now.

Next I used a pair of pliars to pull the hard plasic piece that has the conductor in it out of the rubber boot.

be carefull not to damage either of these pieces cus you will be using them again, shortly.

Next, take the old wire that you saved and hold it next to the new wire to make them equal lengths. and cut with a pair of pliars. make the cut as clean as posible to prevent arking. Now take the rubber boot that you saved and useing the greese that came with the wires, put the boot over the new wire and leave some hanging out like this.

Next you need to clean the end of the wire off so there is no greese on it. As you can see in the next pic, the hard plasic piece has a screw in the end of it, and you guessed it, you will be screwing the piece onto the wire, now when doing this it is very important that you screw it directly into the conductor of the new spark plug wire. this is the connection that could give you troble if you do it wrong.

congrats you have got the hard part done. Now all you have to do is slide the boot back over the terminal untile you hear it pop into place

and now you have a new set of race wires that you made your self.

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