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Audi A4 (B5). Ike's A4 Airbox Mod. Breathe Easy!

What this does...Obviously...Like an air intake. This breathes cold air though like the stock box and more of it. Give your engine a throaty growl. Costs about 5-10% of what those $300 intakes cost, yes, that means it only costs from 15-30 bucks. Why not try it? If you don't like it...hmm you're out $30 instead of $300.

So now that I've got you hooked here are the details.

1.5" bit
Dremel w/ sanding drum is handy and probably my favorite tool ever.
Any tool you need to take out your airbox and passenger side headlight and foglight off.
Including: Torx bits
phillips driver
flat head driver
10mm socket

1.5" drain tube, flexible plastic stuff.
...that's all

Now take out the airbox, headlight, you have room to work. IF you can't take that stuff out or are too scared too. TRY ANYWAYS. If you're still to scared, never work on your car again! lol jk. If you try and fail at least you will learn something.

Then drill 4 holes in your airbox like so:

Also, with the wheel off it is easier to drill these holes in the wheel liner like so:

Then run all your hoses to random cold air points of entry.
I have to go get my haircut so I am just going to post this and finish it later. Peace out.

So back from Hairmasters...

Continuing.. on

to get the hoses to the lower grille is hard to explain. You just have to fish your way through and then all of a sudden you are there. I did not use bigger hose because it would not have fit. Remember 4 x 1.5" = 6" worth of airflow. More than you probably need. I originally only had 2 but then opened up 2 more just for sound.

I ran the bottom hose down as shown in the last pic by the wheel well liner. That does look like a good product that HARVag posted.

Also apparently those with 99.5 and older cars will have to find another spot to run the hoses to.

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