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Audi A4 (B5). Suction Pump Replacement

Not a difficult job, but it is a pain in the *ss working in the rear of the engine bay.

This job took me roughly 20-25 minutes, mainly because I tried to get it done without really moving the sensor bracket covering the pump. Stupid. The single use clamps used on the pump/hoses are a PITA, because you have to cut them off and remove them; I have some nice little finger cuts from the sharp edges.

At the end of the process, I'm thinking that it was a useless swap for me because I could blow through either pump just as easily. So now what? How do we know when these things get clogged? Should this become a task that's performed with every oil change? I have two working pumps, so I could just keep swapping them out.

I'm a little worried about the lower clamp. The lower clamp was the only brass clamp and I replaced it with a standard hose clamp. I'm not sure if the extra strength of the brass clamp is necessary. Otherwise, it's business as usual.

Anyhow, here's the replacement process:

The tools and items you'll need:
suction pump, part number "058 133 753 B"
3 #6 hose clamps
a 10mm socket
socket wrench
phillips screwdriver
flat head screwdriver

Step 1, remove the beauty cover

Step 2, swing sensor bracket out of the way. 3 10mm bolts, 2 phillips head screws, one sensor clip.

Step 3, remove single-use clamps (I used a tin snip to cut them away)

Step 4, remove hoses from suction pump

Step 5, place replacement clamps over hoses, install hoses onto new suction pump.

Step 6, tighten clamps

Step 7, reinstall sensors and sensor bracket

Step 8, reinstall beauty cover. Done.

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